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Add your own custom fields to employee profiles

Ryan 08 May 22:39 1 min read
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When you need to store more information about an employee that OfficeSimplify does not store by default, you can create Custom Fields. Custom fields allow you to add your own fields to an employees profile, and start collecting that information.

For example: OfficeSimplify does not collect an employees car registration number, but you can add that field yourself as explained below.

Adding a new custom field 

  1. Visit the Manage > Workforce page and click "New custom field"
  2. Give the new field a label
  3. Set the type of data that is going to be stored (date, number, dropdown, text)
  4. Set the section the new field will be displayed on the employee profile.
  5. Set visibility of this new field, should only administrators see and edit or can the employee see it too?

The newly added field will be available immediately on all employee profiles. Any data stored in custom fields is also available in the export csv. 

Watch a video on how to add custom fields.

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