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How to onboard employees remotely

Rayaan Shire 01 Dec 11:32 4 min read
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The final step in the recruitment process is remote onboarding, which entails welcoming a new hire into the company. You will help your new employee integrate into the team and organisation by assisting them in becoming comfortable with your processes, procedures, and work requirements.

Even though remote onboarding takes place digitally, it is fundamentally the same as face-to-face onboarding. New hires should feel welcomed, understand their tasks and responsibilities, become familiar with the online platform they'll be using, learn the business culture, regulations, and standards, and meet their teammates through remote onboarding programmes.

What can HR do to guarantee that a new employee's remote onboarding goes smoothly?

On a new employee's first day, send them a welcome email with a step-by-step guide to getting set up on business platforms and channels, resources they'll need, and information about the company's culture, vision, values, and mission.

Members of the team might also reach out to the new employee to collaborate. Whether offering helpful tips or collaborating on a project, this connection helps the new hire settle in quickly. HR can also pair the new hire with a buddy who can answer questions, support them, and mentor them.

How can a positive business culture be improved through successful remote onboarding?

The first step in developing a relationship with a new employee is to complete the remote onboarding procedure. A company that invests in the well-being of new employees through a careful onboarding process is on its way to increasing long-term employee engagement, retention, and overall job happiness. Taking care of an employee's needs from the start can have a considerable impact, laying the groundwork for a healthy, prosperous, and appealing corporate culture.

What Is The Process Of Remote Onboarding?

There are four phases of the remote onboarding process, which are preparing to onboard, welcoming the new employee, teaching them about their work, the company, and culture, and then assisting them in adjusting over time.

What to consider when creating a remote onboarding procedure?

Employers should consider the following two factors when establishing a remote onboarding procedure.

1. A recruit requires assistance.

Even the most experienced candidate will require some advice and training to fully comprehend the unique responsibilities of their new post and the company's processes, goals, and objectives.

Communication is essential for remote teams. We advise that the management and the new employee check-in daily over the first month.

2. Don't neglect the minor details.

Only the most essential organisational processes are documented in some organisations, such as in an Employee Handbook. Other job-specific knowledge is frequently retained in the memory of long-serving employees or bosses. This might cause issues, particularly for remote personnel who may not know who to contact for additional information or help. Therefore, ensure that the employee is provided with the relevant contact information of staff that will be ready to help.

How to pave the way for your company's remote onboarding programme?

Because everything is virtual, there may be more organisation required than on-site onboarding. To bring new employees up to speed, onboarding may require multiple meetings and numerous responsibilities, as well as follow-up conversations.

Here are three strategies to build a solid foundation for your remote onboarding process to get your new hires off to a good start.

  • Begin with technology – technology aids in the onboarding process by laying the foundation. New hires require laptops and instructions and resources, such as software applications, to get them up and running, preferably through an automated approach.
  • Activate and engage with your audience - Make the remote onboarding process interactive wherever feasible to keep new hires interested and connected. When onboarding remote team members, live, face-to-face video (or audio) sessions will give a social component that is often overlooked.
  • Plan ahead of time for the onboarding process - Your onboarding strategy should extend beyond a new employee's first week or last duty. Consider how you'd like to maintain the new employee's excitement while designing a remote onboarding programme.

Checklist for new hires onboarding remotely

You can use this simple checklist as a starting point for your remote onboarding process once you've established a solid remote onboarding foundation.

  • Provide hardware, gear, and corporate culture resources to your new hires.
  • Make arrangements for relevant orientations.
  • Organise role-specific training sessions.
  • Introduce your latest team member to the rest of the group.
  • Make regular check-ins a habit.
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