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Managing company Leave Types

Ryan 21 Oct 09:09 3 min read
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Setting up your company leave policy is a simple step, but it's always good to think through each one and make sure it makes sense for your employees. As with everything, leave policies also change overtime and updating these policies is very easy.

On signing up for OfficeSimplify, we'll auto create you some default leave types (the generic ones: Holiday, Sickness) to get you started, you can change these by visiting the leave type manager area.

New leave type

Let's go through some of the options you can use:

Leave type name

As the title suggests, it's the name of the leave type we'll see when requesting time off. Make sure it's easily understandable and concise

Display in calendar

This allows you to show approved time off requests of this leave type in the company calendar. This is very handy because if there is a particular leave type you don't want to show in the public calendar you can hide them. Some companies tend to hide "Sick leave" from being shown on the calendar for privacy reasons.


Leave types can also deduct from an employees allowance, this is super handy for Paid Time Off. When a time off request that is deductible is "approved" the number of working days it spans over will be deducted from the employees balance. If anything changes or a time off request is cancelled, the allowance is returned back to the employee

Require approval

If ticked, this feature will require approval. There are types of leave that might not require approval by the team manager and in that case we leave this unticked and any time off request for this leave type will be automatically approved.

Only HR

If ticked, this feature won't allow employees the ability to book this time off. This means that the manager will need to book time off for this particular leave type for the employee. Some companies have a sick leave policy where employees need to call in and the manager will mark them as sick.


Stats for each leave types are available for managers in real-time, this will show you how much of each leave type an employee has taken. Tracking balances and time off couldn't be easier. It also helps with tracking who has taken very little time-off and might need a little nudge so we avoid burn-outs. Essential information to run a happy healthy workplace.

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