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Office Simplify gets a new home tab inside your Slack

Ryan 27 Sep 16:38 2 min read
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A new Slack home tab for Office Simplify means you will be able to do more without having to leave Slack. No need for another login! 

Requesting time off

Just one click inside of Slack and you can get your holiday requested. Super simple! In addition to the slash command "/timeoff" you can now easily book time off by clicking the "Request time-off" button on the home tab. 💃

Your allowances

On your home tab you have all your annual leave allowance information for the year, any pending or approved leave and also how much paid-time-off you have left. This information is real-time and always up-to-date.

Public holidays

We all try to take advantage of public holidays or bank holidays to get an extended holiday. With the new home tab you can easily see the next upcoming public holidays so you can plan and book your time-off around them. 🥰

Your booked leave

A simple list showing you which days you have booked and approved and which still require your manager to approve. In one handy place. Don't worry, if you have any pending annual leave requests, OfficeSimplify takes care in getting those leave requests approved in a timely manner!


We love hearing from our users, we're here to make your life a little simpler! If you have any feedback or just want to say hi you can now use the "Feedback" button to drop us your messages. 👍

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