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Staff leave planner

Rayaan Shire 07 Oct 22:27 4 min read
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When it comes to administrative processes, it might be a pain. In the following article, we'll go through how leave management software can help you have a mistake-free vacation.

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What is a staff leave planner?

A leave Planner is a tool that assists businesses in keeping track of employee absences and leave. Employees will be able to schedule leave and manage absences with the help of a sound system. Managers will be able to evaluate leave data and set leave quotas as well.

Absence management solutions come in a range of shapes and sizes. The one you choose will be determined by the scope and nature of your company. Larger companies will have the financial resources to implement a fully functional HR system with an integrated leave management system. Smaller companies may choose less expensive options such as spreadsheet software or even a paper-based solution.

What is the use of a leave planner?

Employees and managers will be more productive

Allowing employees to register their absences using your leave planner streamlines the process and saves time for both parties. This is an excellent method for everyone involved to check on their annual leave request status without going through the line manager.

Important for project planning

When estimating the project timeline, considering scheduled holidays and past unanticipated absences will help you make more competent judgements.

Absences can have a significant impact on a project's capacity to be completed on time. As a result, confirming the team's availability for the sprint duration is an essential issue in the project management approach sprint planning phase.

Single source of truth

There will be less uncertainty when it comes to determining what absences occurred and when they occurred if there is a single source of truth. This is particularly important in a dispute, as many systems include a manager approval option that can help guarantee that corporate policies are followed.

Keeps employees updated

When employing a staff leave planner, you can keep track of vacation time, sick days, training absences, and holidays with great precision. This is beneficial to management, but employees can lose track and benefit from having a well-organized staff leave planner.

Why is a leave planner important for businesses?

There is a handful of reasons why a business needs to implement leave management because:

  • Time wasted
  • Skipped deadlines
  • Low work ethic
  • Low productivity and self awareness

There are various such concerns that may be totally avoided and handled with the use of a smart leave management solution like OfficeSimplify - the best leave planner app.

How to implement a Staff leave planner?

There are two main ways of implementing a leave planner:

  • Excel - for those that are interested in easy and free options, which is a great tracker starter tool.
  • Annual leave software - for those looking for a managed solution which comes with manager approval, team calendar and automatic allowance tracking features.
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