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Top 5 Slack integrations to improve remote working

Ryan 27 Jul 16:38 3 min read
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The Slack app directory has over 2,000 apps listed, these apps are built for different types of organisation and teams. Slack apps can help you streamline and centralise your work by accessing apps and notifications directly in Slack where most of the conversations around your company tend to happen.

Here's our top picks

1. Trello

A lot of teams that use Trello also use Slack for their day to day processes. Trello is a Kanban-style list making application originally developed by Fog Creek Soluations. It's essentially a board with a list of tasks that can be assigned to individual employees or teams and you can easily keep track of progreess. With Trello's Slack integration, teams are able collaborate on their to-do lists without having to leave Slack.

View Trello on Slack directory

2. Google Drive

Gogle Drive makes file sharing between team mates so much easier. If you have a GSuite account and are using Google Drive this app is a must have.

This app will allow you to create or search for Google Docs, Slides and Sheets from within Slack. Notifications on file changes are also sent via Slack and you'll also be able to comment on files. When you share a Google drive link, Slack beautifull unfurls the link showing all the necessary information so you don't have to click away into a browser

View Google Drive on Slack directory

3. OfficeSimplify

This is the HR slack integration that makes it super easy to submit, apporove and keep track of vacation requests.

Team members are able to book their timeoff requests directly within Slack, managers on the other hand receive notifications and reminders about time off requests and can make a quick decision which keeps employees happy and feeling valued. Smart notifications also keep the team up to date where everyone is for the day of for the week

Furtnermore employees are congratulated on their birthdays and the relevant team members are reminded to wish them well 🍰

View OfficeSimplify on Slack directory

4. Polly

Polly allows you to simply create a poll to gather feedback or make a decision about something. Polls are easy to create and you can do this all within Slack, resutls are also shown within Slack

Whether you're deciding where to have the next office christmas party or what tie to wear for you next meeting, Polly has to be the easiest most convenient way of doing it

View Polly on Slack directory

5. Tettra

Tettra enables you to organise and share your team's knowledge. From within Slack you can search, create and also request knowledge from your team mates. This is quite a handy tool as companies from early on tend to find their knowledge base spread over multiple providers and difficult to access when you really need it.

View Tettra on Slack directory


Don't overload your company Slack with a lot of apps, you should only have the ones that you use often, any others will be a distraction. You can find a list of apps you have installed by going to your workspace and clicking Settings and administration and Manage apps , here you can see who installed them and what permissions they have.

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