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Automatic Slack status updates

Ryan 26 Sep 17:25 2 min read
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We have recently updated our Slack integration to match Slack's latest and greatest, this change brings new security updates for your team and some new features! Automatic Slack Status update 🙌

Whenever you're away on any leave, OfficeSimplify can automatically update your Slack status so your colleagues know when you're not around and when you're back. Your Slack status will then automatically revert to Available on your return, one less thing to worry about!

For company managers:

To take advantage of this new feature, you will need to enable this feature by going to the Slack Integration page on OfficeSimplify. You can customise the messaging and the emoji per leave type, you can also disable any leave types that you don't want to update the Slack status for. Very easy! ✨

manager slack status preferences

For employees:

By default the employee needs to "opt-in" to this feature (this is due to how Slack permissions work). The employee can visit their OfficeSimplify profile and hit "Enable automatic Slack updates".

After that we'll automatically update the employee's Slack Status whenever they're away and the status will revert to normal depending on their return date.

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