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The Fundamentals of Human Resources

Ryan 12 Oct 21:42 4 min read
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The most basic fundamental scope of the existence of Human Resources, is for a department to manage people. People have always had to be managed through all time and people are the ones that always made a big difference in all societies, whether it is in the social sector as well as the work sector.

The success or failure of a nation, an institution or a company depends almost entirely on how well its employees are encouraged to execute their jobs with dedication. Employees are a key building block for a strong foundation of any enterprise. If a key building block is unstable every other sector will start to falter and will eventually collapse.

A nation is ruled by the law of the country through politics and those who are in power are the ones who lay these foundations, while in an institution or company these foundations are enforced through the scope of work, rules and regulations deemed necessary for this establishment to set its roots and flourish.

This is where Human Resources come into action. The field of Human Resources encompasses several aspects of enabling and empowering an organization. Not so long ago Human Resources was regarded as the department which takes care of timekeeping, leave and payroll. As companies developed quickly because of all the improvement in the digital technology sector, this task has been delegated to the digital world, which is much more accurate, faster can be also accessed by the employee at all time, simply through their mobile phone or any other digital device. At OfficeSimplify we do just that, you can start a free trial here and start saving time

Having delegated this important task to the digital world does not mean that the HR job is finished on the contrary it has now more time to dedicate to its employees and their specific job requirements.

Companies are now more aware of the importance of the human factor for the success of their organisation which in the long run will give them a competitive advantage on their sector competitors. Investment in training programmes to address specific needs is imperative for the eventual success both for the employee and the monetary increase of the employer’s bottom line.

Training is not only learning different skills but also to transit from one skill to another because, advancement in technology sometimes renders a task obsolete overnight. Instead of discharging that employee one can re-train him to carry out a different task. This sometimes is regarded as an opportunity while in other instances it can be opposed dramatically and once again the negotiation skill to bridge the employee and its employers is a Human Resources function. To full fill these expectations the HR manager must be a good mediator as well as be endowed with good perception of how to empower that employee for the advantage of both sides. The theory of such a situation is much easier than to actualize it, but with persistence and calm it can be reached.

As one can see the Human Resources is sector is a multi-layered with a wide variety of skills which are required so that this department can organise and support other sectors of the company. Now that may sound quite straight forward but it gets more complicated if the company is an international one where HR is than a valuable bridge between cultures different rules and laws of a totally different country yet still the product must be the same all over the world.

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