Managing your time-off in Slack

OfficeSimplify offers a seamless integration with Slack, this allows you to manage your time-off without having to login to the website.

To use OfficeSimplify in Slack, you need to access OfficeSimplify app under the “apps” section on the left of your Slack client. If the app is not visible, you need to click the "+" sign and find the OfficeSimplify app from the app catalog.

When your time off has been approved you will also receive a notification to let you know that your time-off has been approved by your manager.

Home tab

The OfficeSimplify home tab on Slack contains all the information you need at a glance. Here you can:

  1. View your time-off allowances (available and used leave)
  2. View your booked leave (pending or approved)
  3. View upcoming public holidays your company follows
  4. Request time-off
  5. Leave us feedback

Slash commands

You can also request time off using the predefined slash command `/timeoff` in any chat, this will bring up and interactive chat and all you have to do is fill in the form and press `Submit`.